SUMMIT HOUSE Summit House is a contemporary two-level residence, whose objective was to integrate the social spaces and take advantage of the views, allowing a constant flow of ventilation in the main rooms. The topography, location and elevation of the land were key points for the conceptual development and design of its architectural layout. The […]


FLOATING HILL HOUSE The project stands out for how the house rests on the hill, giving the impression that it floats over it. For this, a minimum earth movement was carried out, only for the parking of the house, meanwhile at the rear, the hill was left intact before the delicate imposition of the infrastructure. […]


RSD FOX Casa Fox is a single-family residence, located in a forest context, where the earth movement was minimized by placing the main house and social living on two different levels, adapting the project to the level of natural terrain. It is characterized by the peculiar application of textures on the exterior and interior of […]