Summit House is a contemporary two-level residence, whose objective was to integrate the social spaces and take advantage of the views, allowing a constant flow of ventilation in the main rooms. The topography, location and elevation of the land were key points for the conceptual development and design of its architectural layout.

The project was conceived from its natural topography, where the rugged and declining terrain was used to generate two social spaces that could feel isolated due to their difference in levels, but at the same time, integrated by the use of materials, the homogeneity in the design of its facade and by the implementation of natural green roofs that unifies the finished level of the terrace of the main house with the roof level of the Pool House that is located on the lowest level.

The open social spaces of its first level, play a role of connection to the environment in which it is located, giving direct access to the gardens, green roofs and a visual towards the open panorama of Managua. The height of the land was a key element when developing the design, since it would be necessary to accommodate in each room of the house, the panoramic view of the City of Managua and the Lake.

Being the social area a key point during the development of the architectural layout, the constructive process was used to highlight two concrete walls between the axes that contain the Sala-Terrace, as a focal point and architectural detail, in addition to its structural function, by leave them in exposed concrete and in their natural finish.