HRTD | Hurtado Arquitectos

HRTD is an architecture firm in Nicaragua, in the city of Managua, founded in 2005 by Daniel Hurtado. Our purpose is to bring a better quality of life for our clients and because of that, we encourage ourselves to follow an individual and unique design process for every client.

Within each project, there is an opportunity for innovation because architecture must represent the personal vision of each client. As a result of that, we care to deliver a product with timeless elegance and contemporary creativity. We believe, for instance, in the philosophy that architecture is all about raising the quality of life of its users, our clients.

HRTD is an architecture firm who constantly seeks for new strategies and careful consideration in the design process. Over the years, HRTD has developed several projects in diverse categories, from residential and Hospitality projects to Commercial and Workplace experiences as well.

The architectural experience and results that HRTD provides, has led the architecture firm to win several recognitions and awards, both national and international.