Casa DC

CASA DC is a contemporary home, which its access enhances through a warm material composition; wooden ceilings blend with the main door, creating a continuous visual effect. The overhang which marks the main access, melds within the façade that dresses before a mixture of warm and sober textures. One of the main design drivers for this project, was to maintain a closed front façade, where the focus of natural light for the main hall comes from a single opening, while the back façade’s opens itself to the yard to provide aperture in every room.

Concrete, wood, and light color tiles are the predominant elements that envelopes the project inside out. This is a house where the vision from the client, needed to be shown and felt through materiality and spatiality and therefore, an opportunity is created to show that a composition between cold, sober, and warm texture can co exists within a single project and not only that, but it can function as part of the feeling that the project wants to transmit.

The project was conceived to expose its raw material in some parts of the house, both inside and outside, therefore, we had to look for constructive system where the raw material could be easily treated to be exposed. On the outside, a monolithic concrete wall is exposed along the façade, which helps creating a barrier between the parking spaces and the private bedroom area; on the inside, a monolithic wall was emplaced on the side of the living and dining room, where it not only serves as visual point, but as a load barrier for the roof structure.